A Few Words About This Ministry

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God..." Romans 10:17

 Dr. Janet DiPietro is an author, teacher, business professional and ordained minister.  She has a passion for God and a passion to teach others about the many promises of God through His amazing and powerful word.  Since 1992, Dr. Janet's teaching has inspired men and women of all backgrounds.   Her teaching is prophetic, motivational and relevant with a strong emphasis on faith in God's word.  

Janet is a graduate of Rhema  Bible Training Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she is also licensed through Rhema Ministerial Association International.  She holds  a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Rollins College as well as an earned Master's and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology from Life Christian University, Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Janet is ordained through Faith Teaching Center, the licensing board of Faith Christian University located in Winter Park, Florida.

Healing Testimonies From Dr. Janet's Ministry

The following testimony was given to me in 2009, 10 years after the healing that took place.

“In June of 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer. . .The night prior to the surgery while driving I was passing Faith Christian University the Holy Spirit (led) inspired me to go inside. Walking through the halls I opened a door and interrupted a class “Christ the Healer” taught by Dr. Janet DiPietro. I explained my affliction and Dr. DiPietro stopped teaching and led the whole class in Spirit-filled prayer, they laid hands on me and I left there with the peace of God and readiness to face the trial. The Lord revealed it and healed me completely and told me it would not return. Words cannot express how the class “Christ the Healer” affected me. I went to a Christian bookstore and ordered the book and look forward to taking the class (now) ten years later. Praise the Lord.”  Edward C.

“Just wanted to give you an update on your healing crusade. . . Angie's new arch is doing great! . . .Two women with kidney diseases were healed. . . .Many people had feet healed. . . .’The lady who received deliverance’ has been in church for every service and no more drugs. The man who went home and got his family is still drug-free!” Dr. Mary Starling, Former FCU Staff Chaplain and Teacher

“Dr. DiPietro had finished ministering to all who had come forth but rather than close out the service, she waited in the presence of the Lord....a couple came rushing in with their mother. Dr. DiPietro ministered to the mother, who was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. There was a tangible flow of the power of God through (her) body...(afterwards) it was determined that she did not have Parkinson’s disease and that the medicine that she had previously been prescribed was no longer necessary! We thank God for Dr. DiPietro’s sensitivity in the spirit!...It is
my opinion...that the ministry of Dr. DiPietro is one that God is greatly using today to manifest His glory.“
Jeffrie Leon Goree, Former Pastor, Faith Word of Life Church, Orlando, FL

“...We are praising God for you ... and for each person who was healed. I am confident their healings will remain... and they will touch many with their testimonies...” JoAnne Arnett, Director Tallahassee Bible Institute
Tallahassee, FL

Student Comments From Dr. Janet's Classes

“Dr. DiPietro has the ability to dissect the word of God with such boldness and great power of the anointing which causes me to absorb the word of God like a sponge. Her impartation has left a hunger in my life to know the God that I serve...” Joan B.

“This class was a total blessing...We sat in the heavenly places and experienced (God’s) glory and spiritual impartations. It was just awesome...Yvette L.

“Your course on prayer changed my life!” Alice T.

“This class is excellent. It has enriched my understanding of prayer. I have already started to edify my spirit. I am excited and on fire for God.” Elizabeth P

“Dr. Janet was Super-Anointed in her teaching and expresses Truth and Sincerity in her own experience! (Awe STRUCK!)” Alesi F.

"Awesome class. Dr. Janet made it very clear and held our interest. Her teaching methods are very effective. I gained a greater understanding of Christ My Healer." Cathy M.

"...This class has changed my life by teaching God's word rather than the tradition I had learned. My faith was strengthened by the truth of God's word that was presented!" Kendall N.

"I truly enjoyed the teaching. Dr. Janet is extremely knowledgeable pertaining to what God's word says….. Her excitement in teaching this class made me hungry to study harder to put the word of God in Action." Paula Y.

“Dr. Janet is a wonderful instructor. Her knowledge on the course material is extensive and her delivery is exciting and enlightening….” Christie Y.

“I love the teaching…because…She ministers in a unique way through her teaching with a clear revelation and with a great knowledge in the natural and in the supernatural dimension. I praise God for her.” Patty A.

“…fascinating, enlightening – life changing. I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Janet’s outreach to every student, desiring so much for them to grab hold of the precepts (of faith). Her interest and knowledge is infectious, giving me a desire to know more, delve deeper, desire more of God. What a blessing and a joy! Thank you Dr. Janet! Bonnie B.

A Note from a visiting student from Moscow
“Dear Dr. Janet, I enjoyed your New Testament classes very much. I think you are an exceptional teacher. Somehow you can teach the given subject and at the same time mention other important insights that the Holy Spirit imprints on the listeners’ hearts. Thank you very much for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. I was enriched by listening to you. I could feel your love for God and the Scripture throughout all your teaching. I could not wait to go home and reread the New Testament for myself. May God keep blessing you with His wisdom and knowledge and insights.” Gala from Moscow (IMI School of Music, Daytona Beach, 2003)